A Quick Review of iBet6888


Do you like playing casino games? Would you like to win money in gambling? If you do, iBet6888 can be the perfect choice for you. This online casino is actually a branch of several online casinos operating in different parts of Asia. It is one of the best gambling companies in the betting industry today.

If you really want to enjoy the best gambling experience accessible online, register in iBet6888. Indeed, there are many different reasons for you to choose iBet6888 out of all other casino betting websites online. In this article, we’ll give this casino website a quick review just so we can find out why it is worth the try.


Signing up for a new account in iBet6888 works just the same as in any other online casino websites. Follow the steps below to know how to register.

Step1: To register, start by visiting iBet6888’s official website.

Step2: Click the pink SIGN UP button located at the upper right side of the website’s homepage. After clicking, you will be redirected to the registration page.

Step 3: The registration page will show you a form which you will need to fill out. Provide the necessary information.

Step 4: Check the box for the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Step 5: Click Sign Up.

Tips to Have in Mind in the Course of the Registration Process

User Name: It is important to remember that your user name should be 3-9 letters long and should start with an alphabet. The inclusion of special symbols, full-width characters, and spaces is not allowed.

Password: The password needs to be 6 letters long. It should also contain both numbers and alphabets.

Real Name: You should remember that it is not possible to change your name once you complete your registration process. It is also important to note that your registration name needs to be the same as that on your binding account. Otherwise, the amounts won’t be dispensed. In case of duplicate names, contact iBet6888’s customer service.


iBet6888 provides many different types of bonuses both to new and existing customers. Some of the commonly offered bonuses are listed below.

  • Weekend Deposit Bonus: 20%
  • Daily Deposit Bonus: 5%
  • Sportsbook Extended Rebate bonus: 0.35percent
  • Welcome bonus:100%
  • Live Casino Rebate Bonus: 0.75percent
  • Refer Friend Bonus: Rm 38
  • Rescue Funds: maximum Rm 300
  • Birthday Bonus: Rm 88, Rm 38, and Rm 128

Casino Games

If you’re looking for an online casino with a huge variety of casino gaming options, iBet6888 can be an excellent choice for you. iBet6888 has a wide selection of casino games for you to choose from. Apart from popular games such as slots machines, and baccarat, iBet6888 also offers Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and lottery games for players to enjoy.

Customer Support

iBet6888 has a reliable customer support team. Knowledgeable, skillful, and highly trained, iBet6888’s support team can guide you in using the website. Each support staff does his level best in order to provide customers with the services of the highest quality. If you are placing bets or signing up, you might have queries and you might require answers. If you find yourself in such circumstances, you just need to contact the customer support team and you’ll get accurate answers to your questions in no time.

System Security

This company has one of the safest websites to use. All safety measures have been put in place in order to ensure that information from customers is not disclosed to other people. As a customer of this company, your transactions will be 100% secure. This means that no third party can access your private data.

Deposit and Withdrawals

This betting company provides a variety of deposit options. If you are planning to place a bet, you’ll first deposit money using any of the acceptable deposit options. It also provides a variety of withdrawal options. Any time you win, you can withdraw funds using a withdrawal option that is most appropriate for you.

Website Design and Layout

iBet6888’s main website theme is white and light blue. This color scheme looks simple and pleasing to the eyes. The website does not have a lot of designs, but it looks attractive as it is full of images and animations.

The layout of the website is simple as well. Because of this, players can easily find what they are looking for. The main tabs of the website, namely the Casino, Sport, Slots, Lottery, Download, and the Promotion, are neatly organized. If you try to hover over a tab, you will see a dropdown list that shows several options for you to choose. Clicking one of the options will take you to another page of the website. Indeed, the website’s design and layout make iBet6888 a great platform to make bets.

Conclusion and Rating

Rating: 8.8/10

Generally, iBet6888 is a trusted betting company. Unlike many other betting companies out there, iBet6888 provides old and new players with hot promos and bonuses. Plus, it has an attractive and user-friendly website. If you really want to enjoy life, register with iBet6888 and you’ll enjoy a pretty cool experience, especially when it comes to placing bets.