Where to play Lunar Poker in Philippines?

Where to play Lunar poker in Philippines

Lunar Poker is a true game of 5 Card Draw Poker against the House. Poker players of all skill levels will experience true enjoyment and satisfaction. There are numerous options available to you as the player to improve your hand against the Dealer and increase your chances of winning.

The rules of Lunar Poker are very simple to follow, many of which are structured around your traditional games of 5 Card Draw Poker played at home. The only real difference is that the unique features of Lunar Poker have taken the excitement and anticipation to a whole new level.

The best part about Lunar Poker is that, at it’s heart, it’s just Five-Card Draw. Any player who’s ever played poker (or even video poker) knows Five-Card Draw.  

Lunar Poker Features

Lunar Poker Features

An amazing feature in Lunar Poker is the instant payout feature. This bonus feature where the player automatically qualifies for their chance to win at huge odds in the initial stages of the round of play simply by placing their ANTE wager. This highly lucrative Bonus feature provides the best odds available on any Poker game and comes at no additional cost to the Player. The minimum payout for a Straight Flush is 250-1 and a Royal Flush pays at least 1,000-1. The Casino Operator may elect to offer even more attractive odds to the player. Imagine getting paid 1,500-1 for a Royal Flush or 500-1 for a Straight Flush.

In the Super Bet Feature, Lunar Poker offers the player a whole new level of excitement and anticipation during the initial stages of each round of play as well as when the dealer opens their cards.

The player makes a SUPER Bet at the same time as their Ante wager which must be equal to or greater than the Ante. The aim of the bet is to be dealt any of the 8 SUPER combinations within their first 5 card hand. If successful, the Player will be rewarded with extremely generous Pay Table odds. Imagine payouts like 200-1 for Four of a Kind, 100-1 for a Full House, 60-1 for a Flush and even 8-1 for Trips.

Adding another layer of fun and excitement, a player can also place a SUPER Bet on any other player’s hand so that they can share the luck with their friends or any other lucky player at the table.

The excitement builds even further as the player can also place a SUPER bet on the dealer’s hand having a SUPER combination. This keeps the player in with a great chance of a big payout at the end of the round, even if they’ve folded a poor hand.

 Draw Option in Lunar Poker

Lunar Poker offers the player the unique opportunity to improve the strength of their hand against the dealer, creating the best chance to win with higher paying combinations. This option is rarely offered in any other Poker game against the House.

With the player having the ability to Buy a 6th Card or Exchange 2-5 Cards a distinct advantage is created over the dealer as the dealer must sit on their original 5 cards. This is one of the many features of Lunar Poker which excites everyone, from the novice to the most dedicated of poker players and places the game in a class of its own.

The Lunar Poker Standard Pay Table is used for the final player Hand and can give a subsequent payment to the Player on top of any SUPER Bet payments.

Unique in Poker games, Lunar Poker also pays players on two Poker combinations in any winning Lunar Poker hand, including hands with 6th cards. The 2nd Poker Hand doesn’t even need to beat the dealer, as long as it uses one card not in the winning hand combination.

Where to play Lunar Poker in Philippines?

Where to play lunar poker in Philippines- Resorts Manila
Resorts World Manila offers Lunar Poker

Visit real casinos in Philippines that offer lunar poker.

You can play Lunar Poker at real casinos and at online casinos in Philippines.

Players place their Ante Bet and Super Bets (optional).

Players and the dealer are dealt five cards with the first cards being dealt to the players in a clockwise direction from box 1 to 5, followed by the dealer until all live boxes and the dealer have been dealt 5 cards. The dealer’s bottom card will be dealt face up on the layout.

Players check their cards. If players have Royal Flush or Straight Flush, they win Instant Payout on their Ante, no extra bet required, and their round is over. Players must declare if they have Super Payout and Super Bets are paid or collected accordingly. Players then decide if they want to:

  • FOLD- lose the Ante.
  • EXHANGE- pay 1xAnte to exchange 2-5 cards
  • BUY a 6th Card- pay 1x Ante for 6th card
  • PLAY- proceed with the round of play by placing a “BET” wager of 2x Ante.

Once the players have made their decisions, dealer reveals the house cards and makes the best poker hand. Dealer qualifies with Ace-King or higher on their first 5 cards.

  • If dealer qualifies – dealer compares the house cards to each player, if player’s hand beats the dealer pay accordingly.
  • If dealer does not qualify- player has the option to Force the dealer to try to qualify by paying 1x Ante. After making the payment, dealer will discard the highest value house card and will take a replacement card from the top of the deck in play.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the hands are compared and winnings, if any, are paid as per procedure.
  • If the dealer still not qualify, all wagers are PUSH and the hand is over.

Double Payouts: a winning player hand will get paid on a 2nd Poker Combination, even if it doesn’t beat the Dealer’s hand, as long as 1 card in the 2nd Poker Combination is not in the winning 1st Poker Combination.

City of dreams Manila- Lunar poker
City of Dreams Casino also offer Lunar Poker

Few online casinos also offer Lunar poker to play online.