Five important tips to know before coming to Philippines to take part in Esports

Esports- Philippines

As an eSport player if you want to participate in the Dota 2 or other league matches of world championship tournament being held in Philippines then there are certain important tips you need to be aware of.

Philippines being a famous destination for more than 7000 beautiful islands, its exotic places like El Nido, Boracay Island, Coron Island, Enchanted River as well as  casinos and esports. Every year various esport games such as Smite, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, and more are held. Most of the players come to such eSports tournaments not only to play these games but also to learn, get trained and compete with other players. So before you pack your backs then follow these five essential tips for eSports before coming to Philippines.

1. Always carry your gaming equipment

To participate in the eSports games in Philippines you need to carry your own gaming equipment. There are times that you need to practice with your team before the tournament begins. You can’t just travel to Philippines and buy another set of gaming equipment, such as gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, and so on. This will increase your expenses instead of saving money for something else. So better bring separate luggage for your gaming equipment and this will help you to practice in your role before the tournament day begins.

2. Know the culture of the Philippine community

Before you come research a bit about the local Philippine community.  Also try to understand and learn the Philippine culture. One common trait of Filipinos towards tourists is that they’re friendly. You also need to behave similar way and express your kind behaviour towards them.  Make some Filipino friends to know their culture bette. You can do it by connecting with them through social media. After all, Filipinos are the best English-speaking people in all of Asia.

3. Take care of your belongings

Pack your bags not with much valuable items and you can carry your money in a safe wallet.  The Philippines is one of those countries where thieves are innovative and creative in stealing your essential stuff like money, jewelry, etc. Make sure that you have more than one wallet or debit/credit card  incase you lose some of your valuables while roaming around the Philippines.

4. Talk with other esports players that have visited Philippines

They might be your competitors or rivals for the tournament, but that doesn’t mean they’ll not help you in other ways. As you make friends while participating in eSports tournaments it is better to ask those players who travel widely for such games. Those players will let you know the true scenario of eSports and what to do when in Philippines.

You can connect with other teams or gamers even online through forums and chats and get the right information on eSports traveling experiences even with your competitor. Just like any sport, your competitor can be your friend both inside and outside of the tournament.

5. Know the meaning of common words and phrases

Bring a piece of pen and paper wherever you go. When encountering new words, write it down on a piece of paper. Later, go research what they mean as there are more than 150 languages spoken in the Philippines. Filipino, the national language, uses many words found in Tagalog. English is also widely spoken in the country, with the Philippines among the most fluent English-speaking countries in the world.

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