The Money Wheel Games to Play at Philippines Casinos

The Money Wheel Games to play at Philippines Casinos

Money Wheel Games are fun and exciting to play. They can be played at casinos, online casinos or at game shows or even at carnivals. These money wheel games are games of chance and offer instant prizes and rewards if you win.

The Money Wheel Games to Play at Philippines Casinos

There are many types of Money Wheel Games to play at Philippines Casinos.

Money Wheel game at land casino

The Money Wheel Games to play at land casino
The Money Wheel Game in Progess

Money Wheel game at land casinos of Manila Philippines are real game shows.  There is a large vertical wheel with 52 equally spaced colorful compartments divided with 7 different icons. Each icon has a corresponding payment odd.

The winner of the game is determined on which compartment the indicator lands. Players will place their bets on their chosen symbol on the lay out and wait for the pointer to stop on that symbol after the wheel has been spun.

So you will place your wagers on the chosen symbol on the layout. After the Dealer announces “NO MORE BETS”, the Dealer will spin the wheel for a minimum of 2 revolutions. When the wheel stops, the result will come out by determining the winning symbol on where the pointer lands. These shall be arranged around the rim of the wheel.

Wheel Layout SectionPayout Odds  
2 SECTIONS47 to 1
2 SECTIONS23 to 1
4 SECTIONS11 to 1
8 SECTIONS5 to 1
12 SECTIONS3 to 1
24 SECTIONS1 to 1

Note when either of the 47 to 1 sections wins, the bets placed on the alternate 47 to 1 section shall be deemed losing bets.

Money Wheel of Fortune Live at Online Casinos

Money wheel game- Wheel of Fortune
Money wheel game- Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune live is a fantastic Money Wheel game to play at online casinos. Actually this game is a fun and lottery type of game where you spin the wheel and get instant rewards. Wheel of Fortune even is offered at live casinos as live dealer game or live game show in real time. Wheel of Fortune at live casino is more entertaining and thus is quite popular to play at online casinos.

Money wheel game- Wheel of Fortune- Live
Money wheel game- Wheel of Fortune- Live

Wheel of Fortune Money Wheel live shows are like TV Show present in the UK and the USA. Merv Griffin is the creator of original US concept of Wheel of Fortune. However, the show became very popular and therefore many countries have purchased the franchise’s rights. In the US, Wheel of Fortune debuted in 1975, while it aired between 1988 and 2001 in the UK.

What you will find is that the Wheel features a numbered wheel which is to spin offering players the chance to bet on where the wheel will stop as indicated by the ‘wheel clapper’.

When you play Wheel of Fortune online you’ll be greeted by the live video placeholder screen at the top, which also features the last 5 wheel results, the top wins of the last result and a countdown to the next wheel spin. Below that, you’ll see an area for placing your bets, including the various betting options, your bet slip and your betting history.

When the live stream starts, you’ll see the live dealer standing next to a large wheel or the Wheel of Fortune, which is split into red, black and grey sections that are numbered from 1 to 18, with an extra section containing a star trophy. Every 3 minutes, the Wheel of Fortune is spun by the live dealer and your goal is to bet on where the wheel will land.

If you look at the area for placing your bets, you’ll see the available betting options. You can choose to bet on a specific number, a range of numbers, one half of the wheel, colour, trophy, and even/odd options, with each paying odds of 1/1 to 17/1.

The Wheel of Fortune studio itself is themed around big money, with a very attractive supercar to the right and Monaco local time displayed in front of the city skyline in the background. Watch the wheel land on your number and you could very well end up with a car like that!

How to play Wheel of Fortune live at online casino?

  • Simply join any online friendly casino that offers Wheel of Fortune live. Like Royal Panda casino. After the formalities of joining the casino and opening your casino account by making a minimum deposit head to live casino section of that online casino.
  • Find Wheel of Fortune money of wheel game live
  • You’ll need to place your bets the symbols you predict will be hit before the wheel is spun. Usually, the symbols displayed on the Wheel of Fortune are a Joker sign, a casino logo and various amounts of money.
  • In the betting section, you’ll see all your available options. The time between spins is your time to place your bets. Choose one of the headers called Numbers, Colour or Even/Odd to browse through the betting options. Click on the one you’d like to bet on and it will automatically be added to your bet slip on the right. You can then choose your stake by typing in or selecting the set values under the Amount box. Just above the Place Bet button, you’ll see Possible Win, which shows you how much you stand to win if your bet comes up. Click the blue Place Bet button to place your bet for the next wheel spin.
  • Once you’ve placed your bets on the colourful and multi-segmented wheel, it’ll then be spun. Eventually, the Wheel of Fortune will then come to a halt and point at a particular symbol. Provided that you haven’t managed to win, you won’t receive any winnings. Yet, if you’ve lost, you’ll be paid out according to what’s marked on the wheel.
  • After the round is over, you’ll need to repeat the process should you wish to play the game again.

When the countdown reaches zero, the live video will appear and the live dealer will spin the Wheel of Fortune. The number it lands on as indicated by the ‘wheel clapper’ will be announced by the live dealer and all winning bets will be paid instantly. You can check your previous bets by looking at your Bet History, which is displayed under your Betslip.

The Payouts of Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune payout very much depends on how much you bet and the specific bet you choose.

Selected Number 1-18 – Pays 17/1Range 1-6, 7-12 or 13-18 – Pays 2/1More Than 9.5 or Less Than 9.5 Pays 1/1 (Evens)


Grey, Red or Black sector – Pays 2/1Star Cup sector – Pays 17/1


Any Even/Odd number – Pays 1/1 (Evens)Even/Odd number in Grey/Red/Black sector – Pays 5/1

Money Wheel Slot Games at Casinos

Rich Casino Mobile
Rich Casino

There are several versions of Money wheel games as slot games also called Wheel of Fortune slot machines. The most popular one, however, is the one by IGT. This video slot features 5 paylines and 5 reels. The game boasts with a 96% RTP and attracts players with a juicy 50k jackpot. Like the original Wheel of Fortune, in the bonus game, you get to pick letters and spin the great wheel. This is an excellent game for fans of online slots and relaxing gameplay.

Now join the casino of your choice and play these exciting games to get instant rewards.