Are there any Lucky Charms in Philippines that will help you win the casino or lottery games?

Are there any Lucky Charms in Philippines that will help you win the casino or lottery games?

As Filipinos are superstitious they are always looking for some or the other form of lucky charm to win at lottery and casino games. Whether you play lotteries or casino games and gamble with real Peso at online casinos or play at real casinos you obviously want to win and become a millionaire. Right? Well there are few lucky charms as believed by certain religions, cultures and traditions prevalent in South Asian countries including Philippines which may help you to win in gambling.

So if you want to have luck, wealth, and good fortune in your side and want to win the lottery or any other games then try to do the following lucky charms.

Adopt Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng shui is all about the flow of energy in and around you so that it moves freely and organically, helping you live your best life. While the system is quite complex, one of the basic principles is the representation of the five Chinese elements in the home: wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Practitioners say that you should place an object made of wood or water in the money sector of the home in order to bring prosperity.

Bring an Elephant

Elephant luck

Its true that certain animals are lucky and bring good luck to you. If cats are lucky for Egyptians and dogs are lucky for Nepalese, Elephants can be lucky for you too. Though a Buddhist belief but certain animals like Elephants are Godly animals and bring to you all  things that you need in your life- from being fertile to being lucky.

According to the home design site, the posturing of the elephant in the home is important to its symbolism. An elephant with its trunk in an upright position, for example, is thought to herald good luck.

Burn an Incense

incense bruning

Many people burn incense to achieve a sense of relaxation, but some believe it can rid the home of negative energy and bring good luck. In much the same way that the burning of sage is supposed to dispel impure spirits from a house, incense is supposed to cleanse all types of negativity. Some even say that different scents accomplish different types of tasks. Try it before you go out for gambling. Light an incense at your home and see the difference.

Keep a horseshoe

horseshoe charm

Horseshoe-shaped morsels are in your morning bowl of Lucky Charms, but why are they considered lucky? Historians trace the tradition back to Irish legends and tales. Some say it wards off the devil while others say it keeps evil fairy folk away. Whatever the case, placing an iron horseshoe above one’s front door is a classic way to protect the home. Or keeping it in your wallet just adds money.

Bring home a Turtle

Turtle Lucky CHarm

Again recommended by feng shui  it is believef that the turtle (or tortoise) can guard the home. The tortoise is one of Feng Shui’s four celestial guardians, which makes it an extremely powerful symbol. Whether the turtle shell is real or just a piece of art, it is supposed to be a great protective and supportive charm over the front and back doors on the table as well as when you scratch the lottery.

Plant Bamboo

Bamboo plant

Chinese superstition declares a bamboo plant to be an integral part of the home. The number of stalks the plant has gives it different meanings. Never give someone a plant with four stalks, for example, because the number four in Chinese numerology is related to death and misfortune. Buy a fresh bamboo plant and keep it on your table when spinning the reels of a slot game.

Carry a red object

Red amulet

The color red appears in several cultures across the world in connection with good fortune. The Chinese bring in the new year with traditional red outfits and red envelopes containing money. In India, many brides where the color red on their wedding day as a symbol of purity and prosperity. Placing a red vase, wall hanging, or rug somewhere in your home may increase your luck in gambling.

Get a Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

Bring a Piggy Bank as it brings good fortune and lots of money. Unlike other symbols on this list, pigs are symbols of good fortune for a historical reason, not a religious one: In Europe in the Middle Ages, a person had to be wealthy to own and maintain many pigs.

Carp Scales

Crap scales

Some Europeans, keep carp scales in their billfolds. According to U.S. News & World Report, this fish is an essential part of Christmas tradition in countries such as Poland and Austria. After the carp is eaten, those who ate the meal keep a few of the fish scales with them to promote good fortune. If you don’t want to hang on to actual carp scales, you could probably just place a carp figurine in your home.

Some other beliefs in Philippines to bring lucky charm

  • If you crack an egg and have two yolks, this is a sign you will become rich
  • See a shooting star? Wrap some money in the corner of a handkerchief and play a game of chance, like slots, as you will win
  • If you dream of numbers, play them this is a sign you will win the lottery
  • If you see a white butterfly, this is a sign you will become rich
  • Did you wear some clothes and find out later they were inside out? This is a sign you will receive money soon
  • Do you have black ants in your home or yard? This is a sign you will become rich
  • Does your palm itch? This is a sign that money is coming your way
  • Does the itch in your palm intensify? This is a sign of bigger fortunes and wealth coming
  • Filipinos are advised to wear clothing with polka dots as it is believed the circles attract wealth and good fortune
  • Always keep some coins or bills (even if PHP20) in your purse or bag but don’t spend them – this is a sign that you will have continues money throughout the year
  • Any money in your wallet should be arranged from lowest to highest denominations with all money face facing inward. This is to attract the growth of your money
  • Always use your right hand to pay and left hand to receive money. This equates balance in your life which attracts more wealth
  • Pregnant women are considered good luck as they are blessed and should gamble either by themselves or with their husbands
  • Be sure to make a sign of the cross before each card is drawn or dice are tossed as this is said to bring luck
  • You can purchase Feng Shui bracelets with money symbols engraved in them or those which are considered wealth catchers

Finally be positive if you believe in something and don’t be in doubt. Because belief is what will make things happen and bring you good fortune and winnings in gambling. For those who don’t belief give it a try or simply ignore these lucky charms and play the games with full confidence to win the games.