Where to play Pula Puti in Philippines?

Pula Puti is a traditional game to play in Philippines. In many parts of the country it is also called as Sa Pula, Sa Puti which is played in a different format. You can easily get to play Pula Puti at real land casinos of Philippines or at local online casinos as well as play all free with the mobile app. The mobile app of Pula Puti is available at Google Play store to download free on your Android cell phone and have fun playing the game as long as you want.

During a fiesta celebration a few entrepreneurs set up a tent and within it they designed a mobile box with compartments and plastics balls. Kids played this game by throwing the balls into the box and won a prize corresponding to which of the compartments the ball landed in. From this humble beginning, this game of chance became known to adults as Pula-Puti.

In modern language Pula Puti is also known as Red and White game at many casinos in Philippines.

How to play Pula Puti in Philippines?

There are different variations to this game and each casino or site has its own way to play.

At Casino Filipino it is played with balls. Pula Puti is played using three (3) ping-pong balls thrown in any way inside a transparent funnel by the player with the highest bet or his designated thrower.

The balls fall through the funnel to settle onto three (3) compartments on a 100-square checkerboard. The checkerboard consists of forty-nine (49) WHITE squares, forty-nine (49) RED squares and two (2) squares bearing a STAR symbol. The final color on which at least two (2) ping-pong balls come to rest shall be considered the winning color.

If any of the three ping-pong balls rest on a STAR, bets on RED and WHITE lose.

At Resorts World Manila Pula Puti is played as Red and White game.

Game is played using 3 ping-pong balls dispatched by the player in to a funnel; underneath is a checkerboard consisting of equal number of Red/White compartment slots and 2 RWM Logos.

Players place a bet/bets on the layout.

The Dealer/Inspector will release the 3 balls for the designated thrower and calls “NO MORE BETS”.

The player with the highest bet throws 3 ping-pong balls in any way inside the transparent funnel.

Table Staff announces the winning result based on the final color on which the balls rest.

The Dealer removes all losing bets and all winning bets are paid at the odds displayed.

Pula Puti played as a Quiz

Here the game is played as a Quiz. In each round, one representative from the red team is pitted against a representative from the white team. In the segment, there are two teams of five players each. One team is “Pula” or the red team, while the other team is “Puti” or the white team.

The host provides a specific category where the question will be based on. Each player has a signaling device, also called a buzzer, to signal in at any time during the question to give an answer.

The first player who presses the buzzer must provide a response to the question in order to be awarded a point. Failure to provide a correct answer or to answer within five second gives the other player an opportunity to respond within three seconds. The first team who gains three points wins and advances to the jackpot round.

The jackpot round is similar to the children’s game telephone/pass the message. The first player is given a question, and he/she may either answer the question and whisper it to the next player or pass the question itself to the next player if he/she does not know the answer. The final player must write the correct answer on the touchscreen board in order to win the jackpot prize. The players are given one minute to write down their answer.

This game tests players on a wide variety of trivial and academic categories.

Now enjoy this game at your nearest casino and have fun.