Okada Manila

Okada Manila

I’m so excited to review Okada Manila Casino as it is currently the newest one. Of course, the fact that this is where they held the Miss Universe 2017 competition adds a lot to my consideration.

Location and Aesthetics

Built on the location of what was once known as Manila Bay Resorts, the newest addition to Entertainment City stands proudly beside its contemporaries Solaire Resort & Casino and City of Dreams Manila.

If the bright purple lights lining the building outside isn’t enough to cement the Okada brand in your mind then try dropping in for look inside. Walking inside you are greeted by a loud burst of bright purple colors with pinkish complimenting tones, all of it invoking a whimsical yet tasteful sense of frivolity. Aside from the decorative flower paintings surrounding the pillars and a few folding fans around, I didn’t really see the place as Japanese despite the name of the casino.

Okada Casino

I give the place top-marks for the interior design and ambiance. Its feels modern and more importantly – exciting. I felt like I was already spending money just by being inside.

Games and Entertainment

The floor space is big, that has got be the first thing I mention. Is it the biggest? I wasn’t able to tell right away without checking online and comparing floor space measurements. (Upon checking, the gaming floor space in Okada Manila is bigger than Solaire Resort & Casino or City of Dreams Manila.) I have to say though, that even without checking online, looking at it alone was telling enough.

I saw what seemed like twice the normal amount of table games offering a wide variety of games such as: Baccarat, Three-card poker, Pai Gow poker, Samurai War, BlackJack, Texas Hold’em poker, Craps, and Let it Ride poker. Not surprisingly there’s quite a crowd and I felt a little intimidated with so many seasoned high-rollers in the mix. I stuck to looking around and only played a little bit.

When I finished with the tables, I moved to the slots. To my delight, even though a lot of people were using slot machines there simply seemed to be more slot machines than people – there’s probably a thousand or so.

Okada Slot Machines

Lastly, the fountain is something worth seeing. It holds the title of second largest entertainment dancing fountain in the world. Even if you didn’t end up gaming for the night, it’s safe to say that missing it is already a loss on your part.

Okada Fountain

Staff Service and Guest Relations

Maybe it’s because their still just in their launch period or it’s something Okada Manila truly intends to prioritize, one thing is for sure, right now, their service is impeccable. Every single one of the staff seems to be on their toes. Servers, dealers, bartenders, promoters, receptionist, all-of-them – impeccable.

While I wasn’t playing, I was helping myself to the food and drinks over at the bar. As I can’t really be considered a heavy drinker or an expert in wines and spirits, I was absolutely amused by the way they served their wine. It was measured and placed into test tube looking containers and are just adorable. I can’t really say if this ruined or enhanced the wine, but for sure it made my experience all the more memorable.


The experience is surreal, it’s a combination of great interior design whisking you away to get lost in reverie and merry-making at varied and easily accessible entertainment options. I would like to come back once the “honeymoon period” has lapsed to see if they can deliver just as well.

My advice to you dear reader:

  • Come over and experience it while it’s still new to maximize the experience
  • Have some of the test tube wine!
  • Visit the fountain